Spatial Analytics

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Spatial analytics

Interpreting data can be challenging. We help organisations to effectively and visually interpret data that unlock real issues and answer the most important question, where? Dimago assists with Spatial Analytics in your organisation to help reveal hidden patterns and relationships allowing you increase productivity and potential.

The ‘where’ factor in data is crucial for problem-solving and decision making capability.

In this modern world of today, there are more and more devices generating valuable data every minute. The data points and data sets are increasing exponentially and the inability to track and compile this data while combining it to the invaluable “where it happens” is causing you to run blind and make less informed decisions.

Physical proximity and hidden relationships will be very difficult to identify with traditional forms of BI. Combining geocoding and geospatial data to your analytics will uncover much deeper insights previously unknown to your organisation.

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We understand your challenges in data blending and mapping for spatial analytics

Dimago simplifies the process of data blending and mapping of geospatial data from multiple sources to provide valuable business insights.

With these unique insights into location data you can analyse and map patterns and relationships better, create new efficiencies, and increase productivity. It reveals patterns, connections, opportunities, and risks difficult to decipher otherwise.

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