Sales and Marketing Analytics

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Sales and marketing analytics

How do you attract, retain and build profitable relationships with your customers without knowing which customers to target, which campaigns to run and which marketing programs to invest in?

Dimago will help you blend all your customer data, enrich customer views, create predictive models and strategically segment and profile customers.

The power of predictive analytics allows you to maximise your ROI through deeper customer insights.

The traditional process of acquiring insights for effective decision making requires time taken and quality of outputs via working through a centralised team and is very unproductive. This process usually gives an answer that leads to more questions, which then gets deferred back to the IT team and this repeated loop can be very time consuming.

Furthermore, if you account for all the data sets and the skills required to run the traditional analytics restrictions becomes prevalent.

Without the proper insight into market size, competitor analytics market trends and demand forecasting your sales and marketing efforts are short of guess work.

Self-service sales and marketing analytics empowers line-of-business data analytics because they understand the business challenge far better.

Dimago will help you setup and train your data analysts and managers in the use of our self-service platform, allowing you to experience the power of diving deep into data from virtually any data source.

This also empowers you to share the analytic results across the business with an easily accessible and easy interpretable environment. They can make more comprehensive and insightful business decisions at speed, ultimately keeping your company highly competitive.

Dimago’s analytics tools no longer require deep coding knowledge or special skill sets. With a small amount of training, we can empower business users to explore the data and search for their own answers.

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