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Self-Service Analytics

There is a wealth of untapped knowledge in data and organizations are eager to extract, analyse and consume this data in order to harness it to their strategic advantage.

1 - Connect and cleanse data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets, and other sources.

2 - Converge data and perform predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics using the same intuitive user interface.

3 - No written code.

This shift to self-service data analytics is allowing teams to uncover insights that they have never been able to before, and it’s driving a culture change throughout organisations.

A Wealth of Untapped Knowledge in Data…

Data Governance

Data governance is a necessary measure of successful compliance and safeguarding for fraud prevention, security breaches, privacy or just old-fashioned authenticity of data.

A large benefit of the self-service and collaborative approach to data governance and data discovery is the ability to harness an organization’s “tribal knowledge” that is often lost when using a more formal, top-down approach. When business users are actively involved in data management activities, decisions are made closer to the source of domain knowledge. Not only does this approach typically yield better results, but these results can be achieved more quickly. Closely managing and governing data, a business-critical asset, is paramount to success.