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The Challenge of Data Governance in Organisations

Data governance is a big challenge in many organisations, with many functions operating in silos, and the top-down approach not always working seamlessly.

Can Citizen Data Scientists be successful?

I came across a great article from the Harvard Business Review. The author, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, was part of a research group at MIT trying to understand what it would take for businesses to realise the full potential of their data by using machine learning techniques.

Data for Finance and Audits

Financial month-end, year-end, and most stressful of all, audits, means long hours, multiple meetings and searching for information that is not always available at your fingertips.

CFO 3.0 as a Leader in Value Creation

The technology environment has changed significantly in the last decade from one of data scarcity to data overload. At the same time, business has become more complex with rapid change being embedded into social and business structures. In this context, CFO’s were starting to see the value of modern financial management systems but were slow to adopt.

Top 5 Data Trends in 2021

Big Data has been a buzz word for several years, with the last couple of years concentrating on how to harness the power of big data. Data has shifted from being accessible to a select few to becoming a democratised asset. Every layer within an organisation needs access to enable data driven decision making resulting in increased organizational agility, responsiveness, and resilience.