Love To Play With Data?, Dimago

Love To Play With Data?

Do you love to play with data? Is analysing for insights why you got into the data game?

Most data people love numbers and love the reports that drive insights. It’s getting there that turns a career from something that motivates you to a job that is time-consuming and repetitive.

Alteryx, with its data unifying platform, moves you out of data crunching into data playing. It democratises data access so you can have multiple business users playing with data to uncover the questions and answers that are needed to drive business growth. As a data enthusiast and expert, you have the power to transition your role from crunching numbers to drive insights and decision making that adds value to your organisation.

Alteryx, cleanses, blends and analyses data using repeatable workflows that give access to deeper insights in hours, not weeks. This means you get to play with the options, set up the workflows, help train end-users, and fast-forward your organisation to data-driven decision making.

Unleash the power of data automation today! Go to or email to sign up for a demo workshop or 1-month trial to Alteryx. #Alteryx #Dimago #DataBlending #BigData #DataAnalytics #DataPrep #RealTimeData #DataAutomation #BusinessGrowth