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Kaiser Permanente Deploys Alteryx to Deliver Fast Reporting
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Kaiser Permanente Deploys Alteryx to Deliver Fast Reporting

Kaiser Permanente is one of America’s leading health care providers. Thomas Hall is senior analyst at Kaiser Permanente, where he works closely with several teams to analyze trends, performance, and create automated reports.

Deeper Insights

With Alteryx, Kaiser Permanente can see their data, more efficiently analyze it, and share information with their managers who need to make a decision. With better data, managers can make better decisions.

Hours vs. Weeks

Before Alteryx, Thomas Hall spent weeks pulling data, running queries and building a report that he needed every month. That report now runs in 30 seconds.

Repeatable Workflow

Hall built a workflow for the quality assurance manager to empower another team at Kaiser Permanente with an app that saves time to get to productive work faster.


Hall supports three different teams, each with a different focus. One team works with ideas to help the company innovate, another analyzes social media to improve customer service, and the third handles medical record requests (amongst other operational requests). Hall built custom reports for each of these teams, but running these reports required a couple of weeks to get the data and put the information together using legacy tools. Then he spent another 5-12 hours entering the results into a final report.

Hall had accepted that he would manage this labor-intensive reporting work until he got a request for a massive report with details on every team member, their function, and how they performed against an array of metrics. That additional request added another full week of preparation. Hall decided that he needed a solution to streamline this reporting process.


When Hall needed a solution to help with reporting and social media, he tried Alteryx. He had already used Alteryx for other specific tasks, including doing some data parsing and filtering, so he decided to apply Alteryx to his full reporting function.

Hall applied Alteryx reporting tools to the complete process from input to output and set up self-service apps for his internal teams. He says, “A manager can go in and set the begin date and end date for whatever time they want to see, push the submit button, and out comes the report that they want. They can do it all by themselves.”

The team member report is a huge workflow. But with Alteryx it only takes 30 seconds to run. The workflow has seven different inputs including spreadsheets and other flat files, two database connections, a connection to a SharePoint list, and more. Alteryx puts the data together through one workflow and creates a PDF of the report complete with complex formatting.



Alteryx has given Hall hours back to his workday. He can empower the teams that rely on him for reports to use self-service analytics, and use his time instead to focus on higher-value social analytics.

An example Hall shares is the quality assurance process for disability requests. One staff member handles the whole quality assurance (QA) process for the team that processes disability requests. Hall built a workflow that cut the time in half to pull up the cases that she needs to QA. Now, the staffer can hit the start date and end date for whatever time period of cases she wants to QA, and then all the cases come up. The workflow saves her time to get to her QA process faster.

Hall used to spend weeks working on reports that had to be repeated and run on a regular basis. Those reports now run in seconds and with no risk of manual error. He says, “I cannot tell you how good it feels to hit that little green arrow. No errors and the report’s done.”

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