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The Challenge of Data Governance in Organisations

Data governance is a big challenge in many organisations, with many functions operating in silos, and the top-down approach not always working seamlessly.

Can Citizen Data Scientists be successful?

I came across a great article from the Harvard Business Review. The author, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, was part of a research group at MIT trying to understand what it would take for businesses to realise the full potential of their data by using machine learning techniques.

Data for Finance and Audits

Financial month-end, year-end, and most stressful of all, audits, means long hours, multiple meetings and searching for information that is not always available at your fingertips.

Love To Play With Data?

Most data people love numbers and love the reports that drive insights. It’s getting there that turns a career from something that motivates you to a job that is time-consuming and repetitive.

Data Driven Decision Making

Data is the fuel that drives organisations, but often the systems don’t talk to each other. How many times have you asked a basic question, and it either takes weeks to get the answer or it’s just not available?

Big Data Versus Excel

Do you spend all your time on excel using VLOOKUP and pivot tables to create reports? Excel is a great tool but is simply not equipped to handle big data and is often not easy to automate.

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