Big Data Versus Excel, Dimago

Big Data Versus Excel

Do you spend all your time on excel using VLOOKUP and pivot tables to create reports? Excel is a great tool but is simply not equipped to handle big data and is often not easy to automate.

Unleash the power of data automation today!  Turn weeks of data prepping, blending and analysing into hours.

The Alteryx platform unifies the analytic experience and allows data analysts to break the barriers to faster insights. In a market where real-time data gives a competitive edge, accessing data and insights in hours means you can make the right decisions faster for greater revenue realisation.

The Dimago team, in partnership with Alteryx, provides workshop-based training that can be implemented within weeks, not months, without the need for extensive change management.  As the Dimago team and client works together, the aim is to empower the client to move from cleansing and blending data to enable cross-functional integration and developing predictive models that drive business optimisation.

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