Unleash the Power of Data

Using Analytics Process Automation


Dimago is an analytics, data science and process automation consultancy that transforms businesses using the Alteryx Platform.

We’re not your average consulting company.

Dimago empowers people by amplifying their capability to become hyper-efficient analytics super-users.

People are at the core of our approach.

We enable clients to automate processes and drive change through analytics. With data forming the centre of Digital Transformation, all people in business need to become more data literate to cultivate a data-driven culture. There are too many questions to be answered and not enough data scientists to do it.


Transform your business and workplace outcomes by connecting data, process and people.


Democratizing data and analytics.


Automating processes.


Upskilling people.


Democratizing data and analytics.


Automating processes.


Upskilling people.

We place business outcomes first. Our solutions transform organisations by quickly automating analytics and entire data-driven business processes that would otherwise require a myriad of tools and manual handoffs. The result is quick wins and fast returns on ROI that scale across your organisation.

Tech Partners

In providing a world-class service, you have to use world-class tools and products. We have formed strategic relationships with best-in-class software platforms to ensure that we can deliver tailored solutions.

Why Partner with Dimago?

Proven Track Record.

Experience case studies with quantifiable business gains.

Alteryx Preferred Partner and Partner of the Year MEA 2018 and Africa 2019.

Data Is Our Business.

Depth of expertise in data management and analytics with partnerships that optimise data driven decision making.

Deep Insight Into The Office Of Finance.

Equipping and transforming finance teams into valuable business advisors with tools and knowledge to drive rapid insights and decision making.

People Enablement.

Our strategic focus on upskilling workforces drives data literacy and the adoption of self-service technology. We believe in empowering people to better understand challenges and questions that need to be answered.


Delivering Digital Transformation to World-Class Clients.

With clients in finance, mining, auditing, banking, media, industrial equipment and more, we have a breadth and depth of expertise that ensures you save more than you invest.

Our Blog

Data for Finance and Audits

Financial month-end, year-end, and most stressful of all, audits, means long hours, multiple meetings and searching for information that is not always available at your fingertips.

Can Citizen Data Scientists be successful?

I came across a great article from the Harvard Business Review. The author, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, was part of a research group at MIT trying to understand what it would take for businesses to realise the full potential of their data by using machine learning techniques.

The Challenge of Data Governance in Organisations

Data governance is a big challenge in many organisations, with many functions operating in silos, and the top-down approach not always working seamlessly.